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You’ve got options when you’re deciding how to give at LifeChurch.tv: in person, online, mobile, and more.


Campus Giving

While you’re attending experiences at LifeChurch.tv, you can use giving envelopes or giving drop boxes for your convenience and security.

You can make your gifts in person using cash, checks, or debit/credit cards.

You can always drop off or mail a check to your campus office.

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Giving at LifeChurch.tv

Online Giving

By setting up an online profile, you can easily and quickly take action on your generosity.

You can give with the click of a button and:

  • Securely save your credit card or bank account info
  • Set up recurring giving
  • Track your giving history
  • Update your Contact Information

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Giving at LifeChurch.tv

Mobile Smart Giving

We’ll link your mobile phone number with the credit or debit card you provide and you'll be ready to give securely, easily, and instantly.

You can give tithes and offerings to LifeChurch.tv via text message.


Text GIVE and the amount of your gift to 86613.
For example, GIVE $250.

Offerings (learn more)

Text SPACES, RELIEF, or DIGITAL followed by the amount to 86613 to make your designated gift.
For example, SPACES $250.

Account Updates

Need to update your profile or account? Text EDIT to 86613.

Giving at LifeChurch.tv

Non-Cash Giving

Did you know you can donate non-cash gifts like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or cars?

You can donate non-cash gifts like:

If you are interested in any of these types of giving, please contact us at giving@lifechurch.tv.

Giving at LifeChurch.tv

Ready to get started? Setting up an online profile is a great place to begin.

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